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The Best Day Trips and Tours in San Miguel de Allende by a Local

San Miguel de Allende is known for its cobblestoned streets, colorful architecture, and many galleries, but there is so much more to experience in and around this UNESCO World Heritage Site. From farms and wineries to adrenaline adventures and unique home and garden tours, there is something for everyone.

You may get overwhelmed by the choices of what to see and do on tour sites such as Viator and Get Your Guide. No worries, we have the best tours in San Miguel de Allende based on our experience and recommendations from our friends and tour guests. If you want to dive deeper into the heart of Mexico, read on for the best day trips and tours in San Miguel de Allende.

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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Food Tour in San Miguel de Allende

One of the best ways to explore any city is with a food tour. Food has always been central to any culture. Pair a bit of history with regional specialties at local eateries, and you have a winner! The Tacos & Tequila Food Walking Tour in San Miguel de Allende is rated high not just on tour websites, but also with our friends. Feast on gourmet tacos at seven local restaurants and sample three innovative cocktails while walking by historical churches and haciendas in Centro.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Traditional Mexican Drinks and Spirits

Margaritas made with tequila may have been your introduction to Mexican spirits, but there’s so much more to sip and savor. Dive deep into the drinking culture of Mexico with this Traditional Mexican Drinks Tasting Tour. Learn the difference between tequila and mezcal, and taste lesser-known spirits such as Sotol and Raicilla.  Snacks are also included!


Mexican Cooking Class

Lots of people love cooking classes from basic snacks and appetizers to full meal preparation including desserts. The Cook & Dine Authentic Mole and Salsas Cooking Class in San Miguel de Allende go beyond just salsas and have you whipping up enmoladas with mole to really impress your friends. If you are more advanced, you might like this Private Mexican Cooking Class with Licensed Chef where you will make an appetizer, fish dish, and buñuelos, a delicious dessert. Depending on your kitchen skills, we’ve heard these two cooking classes are exceptional.

Cooking class in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Get a Bird’s Eye View of San Miguel de Allende

Why should drones have all the fun? Enjoy the sunrise in a hot air balloon over San Miguel de Allende. The city is built on hills and surrounded by the Picacho Mountains, vineyards, farmland, and a canyon. Whether you’re a photographer or just love landscapes, you’ll love this unique view of San Miguel de Allende from above.

Hot air balloon over San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Nature Enthusiasts

Canyons, rivers, and cattle ranches hide in the Picacho mountains surrounding San Miguel de Allende. Try these half-day tours where you explore on ATVs and zip-line across the canyons or take things a bit slower on horseback through the wilderness. Adventure isn’t far from the city, and you can be back in time to shower before dinner.

Street art in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Visit the Pueblo Magico of Dolores Hidalgo

Mexico has many small towns that have important natural, historical, or cultural significance. Dolores Hidalgo is where Father Hidalgo shouted the cry that began the Mexican War of Independence against Spain in 1810. Known for its artisanal ice cream, the Guanajuato Wine Museum, and a handful of other historic museums, Dolores Hidalgo is a welcome retreat with considerably fewer tourists than San Miguel.  Take a tour that combines a visit to Dolores Hidalgo and two wineries with Heart of Mexico Wine Tours.

Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico

Wine Tours in San Miguel de Allende

Speaking of wine, several boutique wineries surround San Miguel. Sip on various wines such as Cab Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, or Tempranillo paired with delicious cuisine and breathtaking views. You’ll find a lot of one-winery tours online, but you can visit three wineries on the Wine Lover’s Tour San Miguel with Heart of Mexico Wine Tours. Run by an English-speaking expat couple with 40+ years of wine industry experience, they skip the Wine 101 tour and make suggestions on what wines you would enjoy most based on your wine preferences.

San Miguel wine tour with Heart of Mexico Wine Tours


Visit an Organic or Olive Oil Farm

If you are looking for something really unique to do, why not visit a farm? Luna Serena is an olive oil farm started by expats 30 years ago. The locals they employ are like family. Learn the process of extracting the oil and taste the difference between newly pressed and extra virgin. If you have a green thumb and want to learn more about organic gardening and farming techniques, visit Via Organica. This project was started by a group of Mexicans and expats to help local communities grow better food for themselves and the city’s restaurants. Universities with agricultural disciplines frequently visit and work at Via Organica. Lunch is available at both places. Heart of Mexico Wine Tours offers a tour where you can visit one of these farms and an organic winery.

Organic Olive Oil Farm near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Day of the Dead Tour

San Miguel de Allende is one of the best places in Mexico to see the Day of the Dead celebration. Granted, much of it is put on for the tourists. Day of the Dead is November 2nd, but festivities start at least a week in advance. This tour will give you more information on how the day is celebrated and the meaning behind the traditions. The Day of the Dead tour is only offered a few days a year and fills up quickly.

Special Local Tours in San Miguel de Allende

Every Friday at 12 pm, the library hosts a Home and Garden Tour. Visit different homes and see how the locals live in this artistic community.  Buy your tickets at the TESOROS shop at La Biblioteca from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Every first Saturday of the month, Fabrica la Aurora opens its doors in the evening for an Art Walk. Meet some of the artists and mingle with local art lovers at this fun event.

Are there other activities that I left out? Well, yes. Visiting the spas La Grotto or the Mayan Baths and visiting the Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery can be arranged by your hotel concierge as their websites are not the best with reservations. If you need help planning your trip, check out our 4-Day Itinerary to Explore San Miguel de Allende.

We hope this helps you explore San Miguel de Allende more in-depth and caters to your interests. Enjoy your time in San Miguel!

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