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We are not 20-somethings trying to hit 30 countries before we are 30, and we are not retirees with a fixed income and time on our hands. We are a working couple who found a way to live our dream in another country before retirement age.

We are living the travel life differently by establishing roots in another country. Come with us as we explore the culture, hidden gems and variants of regional food through Mexico and other destinations.  



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Expat Living in Central Mexico


Tiffany and Tom are super fabulous human beings. We found them online before taking a trip to Querétaro. We had a lovely food and Michelada tour of Santa Rosa. It was so fun to see different aspects of Mexican life and enjoy the food with knowledgable guides. Not only did we do a tour with them we enjoyed their company so much we shared a few meals together and are so happy for their success with their endeavor! If you want an authentic Mexican experience, Epicurean Expats is the way to go!!
Annie & Bill
Joe and I can’t thank you enough for showing us such a great time in Queretero!!! From the moment we spoke on the phone to finally meeting in person we knew we were kindred spirits! We appreciate all of your candidness regarding your new life in Mexico, and thank you for sharing it with us!!! We look forward to being neighbors but most of all friends!! Soon we will open a bottle of champagne to celebrate!!
Maria & Joe
Soon to be Expats