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    Photo Journey: Alaska Wildlife

    Alaska is one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. From glaciers to coastlines, wetlands to plains, the beauty of Alaska is only surpassed by the wildlife that make it their home. Animals that we commonly see in the lower 48 like bald eagles and squirrels are much larger in Alaska, and other animals like moose and seals are almost an everyday occurrence. From the bus trip through Denali National Park to wildlife cruises along the coast, Alaska is one of top wildlife destinations in the world. I might not have seen every type of animal during my summer in Alaska, but my encounters were such a thrill that I…

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    Scenic Road Trips in Alaska

    Alaska was made for road trips. The twisting 2-lane highways through flatlands, forests and glaciers with an occasional wildlife sighting is better than any roller coaster in the lower 48. Southcentral Alaska which encompasses Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound is a fisherman’s paradise, wildlife lover’s dream, and landscape artist’s muse. Whether you arrive to this region by plane, boat or RV, take the time to explore it’s beauty and wildness on these scenic road trips in Alaska. One summer I stayed with my friend who lives in Alaska, worked at a restaurant and fish shipping office, and did as much traveling as I could in between.…

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    Seward: Gateway to Alaska Adventures

    If there’s one town that embodies all that Alaska has to offer, it’s Seward. Framed by the Kenai Mountains on one side and Resurrection Bay on the other, Seward is a picturesque base camp for all your Alaskan adventures.  Touch a glacier, play with sled dogs, hike through the wilderness or cruise the bay to view wildlife, Seward has something for everyone. The town of Seward was founded in 1903 though it was used as a port by Russian fishermen well beforehand for over 100 years. The 18-mile long Resurrection Bay doesn’t freeze in winter which makes it a perfect port for shipping supplies into and out of the interior.…

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    Road Trip to Denali National Park and Other Adventures

    Alaska is home to 7 of the largest national parks in the United States, the most famous being Denali National Park. Home to the tallest peak in North America, Denali National Park is an unpredictable environment of weather, landscapes and wildlife. My friend Christy and I took a road trip up to Denali to explore a part of Alaska we had only seen in nature shows. From the bus ride through the park, to horseback riding through a marsh and Class III whitewater rafting, it’s no wonder people fall in love with the nature beauty of America’s Last Frontier. Disclosure: Some links may be affiliate links where we receive a small…

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