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A Little About Us

We are not 20-somethings trying to hit 30 countries before we are 30, and we are not retirees with a fixed income and time on our hands. We are a working couple who found a way to live our dream in another country before retirement age.

Is it sometimes a struggle? Yes.

Has it been worth it? Most definitely yes.

We met 16 years ago over wine…Tom owned a wine shop, and Tiffany was a wine rep. She walked in, and that was it! We lived the American Dream for a while… 70-hour work weeks, limited vacation time, and heaps of debt. Tiffany had worked in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas before the big Recession hit, so she knew there was more to life than this constant grind. We both wanted more out of life than waiting for a paycheck and limited vacation time.

About Tiffany and Tom

A former animal trainer, Tiffany spent 13 years in the animal training field, 14 years in the conference industry, and 5 years in wine marketing.  Her passion for wildlife leads us to more adventurous locations.

Tom has worked in every position in the wine industry from sales manager to retail owner and is a marketing genius. His passion for food has determined many of our travels.

What We Offer You

Lots of people dream of living overseas, but how do you make that dream come true? It’s wonderful to read about all the “happily ever after” stories”, but how did they do it? We do a lot of research not just on the cost of living and crime rates, but also on residency, location amenities, and tax requirements.

January 2022 marked our 4th anniversary of living in Mexico. We’ve ridden the roller coaster of adventure, immigration, and newness through COVID lockdowns, loss of income sources, and creation of a new tour company Heart of Mexico Wine Tours. Together we’ve accomplished more than we expected, and now share our knowledge and experience with you, our readers, so that you can make the right decisions for your family. More than anything, we want you to see that anything is possible if you have the desire to do it.

Meanwhile, we explore the history and food culture of a place, whether it’s a big city destination, or someplace off the beaten path.  With overtourism causing huge changes in the way we travel and where, we want you to feel comfortable getting outside a popular destination and experience more of the real culture away from the tourist traps.

With our local experience in international destinations, we feel this helps us better serve you on your travels by observing the “real life” of unique destinations.

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