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    The Pandemic Resurgence of the Travel Bucket List

    We are midway through 2020, and I think everyone can agree that this year definitely needs a “do over”. Many of you, including us, had at least one trip planned overseas only to go through the annoying process of changing it or cancelling it all together. Travel came to a standstill this spring, and just the thought of not being able to travel has been devastating to so many. With countries reopening, the desperation to “see” a place has led to a resurgence of that dreadful marketing ploy, the Travel Bucket List. Why is the Travel Bucket List so popular? I have always cringed at the term “Bucket List”. This…

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    Seward: Gateway to Alaska Adventures

    If there’s one town that embodies all that Alaska has to offer, it’s Seward. Framed by the Kenai Mountains on one side and Resurrection Bay on the other, Seward is a picturesque base camp for all your Alaskan adventures.  Touch a glacier, play with sled dogs, hike through the wilderness or cruise the bay to view wildlife, Seward has something for everyone. The town of Seward was founded in 1903 though it was used as a port by Russian fishermen well beforehand for over 100 years. The 18-mile long Resurrection Bay doesn’t freeze in winter which makes it a perfect port for shipping supplies into and out of the interior.…

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    Road Trip to Denali National Park and Other Adventures

    Alaska is home to 7 of the largest national parks in the United States, the most famous being Denali National Park. Home to the tallest peak in North America, Denali National Park is an unpredictable environment of weather, landscapes and wildlife. My friend Christy and I took a road trip up to Denali to explore a part of Alaska we had only seen in nature shows. From the bus ride through the park, to horseback riding through a marsh and Class III whitewater rafting, it’s no wonder people fall in love with the nature beauty of America’s Last Frontier.   How to Get to Denali National Park FLY If you…

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    Food Tour Through Historic Georgetown, Penang

    A fusion of different cultures, the city of Georgetown on the island of Penang is one of the best foodie destinations in the world. Georgetown has been a major port in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years trading goods and spices throughout southeast Asia and the main Asian continent. Descendants of China, Malaysia, India and other South Asia countries live and work together in this diverse city continuing their traditions, religions and cuisine. We decided the best way to learn more about the different cultures of Georgetown and how they influenced the cuisine was to take a food tour. Our official food tour of Georgetown began early in the morning.…

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    15 Iconic Mexican Drinks to Bring You the Taste of Mexico

    Mexico is a land of many landscapes, cultures and cuisines. Mexican drinks are just as varied, and like regional food, some drinks are more common in certain places than others. Margaritas on the coasts, micheladas in the central region, microbrews are popular everywhere and wine consumption is growing. Other Mexican drinks are mainly for holidays and some have been around since ancient times. You may be nowhere near Mexico, but you can bring the taste of Mexico home. Take a tour with us through these iconic Mexican drinks. I’ve included some short recipes and/or links for you to make some of these Mexican drinks in the comfort of your home.…

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    The Best Chocolate In Under The Radar Places

    What started out as a travel memoir of the best chocolate from our recent European trip, quickly became a list of delicious chocolate concoctions from our travels around the world over the past decade. First created in the Mesoamerican landscape of Mexico and Central America, the “Drink of the Gods” morphed from a bitter drink to the sweet candies of today in a matter of a few short centuries. If I asked you who has the world’s best chocolate, Belgium, France and Switzerland would probably be near the top of your list. While many countries have fantastic chocolate shops, this travelogue focuses on some unique restaurants and cafes within Mexico,…

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    10 Travel Bloggers I Love That Inspire My (Future) Travels

    I think everyone can agree that this year is not off to a great start. The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is creating roadblocks to our daily routines, work and travel unlike any we’ve ever experienced before. The month of March saw a surge of cases around the world, countries began blocking travel and going into lockdown, and the businesses that rely on travel and hospitality are shutting their doors at an alarming rate. I’m part of many Facebook groups and twitter chats that are focused around travel. March was a disappointing month for all of us that have blogs and travel businesses. It’s understandable that a world pandemic would dominate the…

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    Pueblo Magico Day Trips From Queretaro

    Mexico has one of the most vibrant and fascinating cultures in the world. From ancient civilizations and biodiversity to regional food specialties, a person would need 3 lifetimes to experience it all. The big cities of Mexico City and Guadalajara may be the obvious places to start, but take a detour and discover smaller towns aptly named pueblos magicos rich in heritage and artisan crafts. With over 120 pueblos magicos to explore, you’ll fall in love with these timeless treasures and the people who honor the traditions. Let’s start with what is a Pueblo Magico? A Pueblo Magico is a town with cultural significance in Mexico. The program began in…

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    Artistic Expressions in San Miguel de Allende

    For over 70 years, San Miguel de Allende has well been known as an artisan community and expat haven. Travel & Leisure has named it the Best City in the World in 2017 and 2018 and we can see why. Cobblestone streets, multi-colored buildings, a culinary scene that ranges from street food to fine dining, and exquisite art give San Miguel that real Mexican charm that people desire. With a yearly writer’s workshop and more art classes than you can fit in your schedule, San Miguel de Allende is the perfect place for art lovers. A Bit of History Back in the 1930s, Stirling Dickinson, an American artist and writer,…

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    Try Out the Expat Life With Pet Sitting

    Our mornings start with a sprint down to the park. Once we arrive, I unclip the leash and jog around the park with Kiko leading the way. We are on a quest to find his best friend Guapo. He looks back at me with an encouraging grin and an expression that says “Keep going! You’re doing great!” I’m a poor running buddy substitute compared to his dad or Guapo, but hopefully I can stop soon. With his nose up in the air, Kiko quickens his step and I know Guapo is nearby. For the next hour, they run and chase each other, chew sticks and trample the meticulous landscaping. And…

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