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How to Get Mail in Mexico

Before moving to Mexico, we had heard that mail delivery was slow, even non-existent. If we want to receive mail from the United States, it may arrive a few weeks or months later, or maybe not at all. And the same if we wanted to send letters or care packages to friends and family back in the States.

We’ve seen slots for mail, but we never see anyone getting any mail. I’ve asked our neighbors how they receive their mail.

“Oh, someone delivers it to our house.”


“When I get something.”

You see there is no daily mail delivery. In 9 months, we’ve seen the postman twice on his motorbike with two milk crates of packages and envelopes. So yes, there is mail delivery, but we haven’t figured out the schedule.

I know there are mail services out there. DHL and FedEx have multiple offices around Queretaro, so there are ways to get mail in Mexico. When I lived in the Dominican Republic, I had a mail service with a Miami mailing address. The mail would be transported from Miami to the Dominican Republic on a ship once every week or two. It was convenient, but not worth the money when 88% of the mail was junk.


Do We Get Bills Through The Mail?

No, bills don’t come through the mail either.

The electric company comes by every two months and hand delivers the electric bills to the neighborhood. They aren’t in envelopes. They literally hand a stack of bills to the security guard and then the security guard walks around shoving the bills under each door.

Same thing for the water company. They come by once a month, hand a stack of bills to the guard and he shoves them under the door. Sometimes he rings the doorbelll if he sees the car, and let’s us know that are bill is “very expensive”.  Maybe its expensive by Mexican standards, but $20 for water is awesome for us!

Is There a Mail Service?

I have been searching for a US to Mexico mail service, but it hasn’t really been a priority. I don’t miss the junk mail, and the bills I receive from the US are online. Recently, I came across another expat’s blog on how they get their mail which you can read about here: http://retirementbeforetheageof59.blogspot.com/2018/09/how-we-deal-with-our-bills-other-us.html?spref=bl

I even asked our Mexican friends about the Mexican mail system. Their answer was it’s “inefficient” so people don’t use it. One of them even told me about the time they received a Christmas card from a family member living outside of Mexico in June!

Amazon.mx Will be Your New BFF

So imagine our excitement when we ordered something from Mexican Amazon and it arrived two days later! That might not be such a big deal when you are living in the United States, but for us it was a HUGE milestone.

Tom with his new book THE NOMA GUIDE TO FERMENTATION. Click the picture to learn more about the book.


I think what I’m most overjoyed with is that I wrote our Mexican address correctly for delivery.

Our address is not just a number, street, city, state and zip code. It’s the main street, neighborhood number, house number, larger neighborhood, town, zip code and state. And both the electric bill and water bill list it differently so it was a real stretch if I was going to get it right for Amazon.

Amazon Prime

And while we are discussing Amazon.mx, yes, they have Amazon Prime. The two day delivery option with Prime sometimes works, and if your internet is strong enough, you can get Amazon video.

We Got Mail!

Since then, we’ve received a new credit card sent by FedEx overnight from my USA bank, and a thank you card from our friends who just got married in Orlando. They mailed it at the beginning of November with 3 stamps on it. It only took 35 days to get here.

Here’s Our Advice For Receiving or Sending Mail in Mexico

  • If you want to receive letters from family and friends back in the States, the fastest way for you to receive them is by using FedEx, DHL or UPS.
  • If you want to send mail back to the US, the fastest way is also through one of these carriers.
  • If you want to receive packages from the US, be prepared that customs will open every box and decide if the contents can be brought in to the country.
  • The best thing to do is order gifts and whatever you want online, and have them delivered.


Overall, we are very excited that we have figured out how to order online and get things delivered just in time for Christmas. Tom already has a list started, so I better get working on mine!




  • Freda Holmes

    Your article on getting mail while in Mexico was helpful, not helpful in GETTING mail but in understanding why it’s difficult to do so. I’m living out in the country, 11 km south of San Miguel and trying to find an address which which to direct a BajaioGo driver to deliver my daughter, is proving problematic. The road doesn’t have a number, the property doesn’t have a number and I’ve spent more than an hour ‘making’ a map from Google Maps marking it up with directions to here. I may have to report her as missing if she doesn’t show up Friday night by midnight!

    I’m looking forward to exploring your previous articles!

    • Tiffany

      Oh my goodness, Freda! How stressful! I hope everything works out. Google needs to update Mexican roads a little faster! We use on Ubers on occasion, and though they have no problem picking us up, pping us off back at home is always an adventure. But it has helped us practice giving directions in Spanish. 🙂

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