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22 Best Travel Accessories for Travel Lovers

Now that travel has opened back up, it’s time to dust off our packing skills and update our carry-ons! Travel has changed in the last few years due to the pandemic. It’s not just destinations that are affected, but the way we need to travel. The desire to travel again is higher than ever before, and these travel accessories will help you travel in style, comfort and efficiency in more ways than one!


Obviously your travel needs will depend on where you are going and for how long. If you are going someplace hot for the weekend, you can pack light. Flying from New York to Reykjavik for the Northern lights? You probably won’t get by with just a carry-on. And don’t forget that you need room for all the stuff you’re going to bring back!


From smart packing necessities to stylish on-the-go accessories, we’ve got you covered to make your vacation or business travel a breeze.


We are Amazon affiliates which means we receive a super-small commission when you buy something at no extra cost for you. 


  • The Art of Packing
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Travel in Style

The Art of Packing

1. Level8 Cases- Choose from 1, 2, or 3-piece luggage sets  

Luggage sets are a necessity when traveling. This 2-piece set by Level8 Cases is perfect for a weekend getaway or 3-week road trip across the country. The hardshell comes in a multitude of colors and protects your clothes and fragile items when airlines are throwing your bag on the conveyor belt. The four spinner wheels make it easy to dodge strollers and unsupervised children as you make your way to the gate.

I got my Level8 Cases set in blue with the Roadrunner carry-on that has a separate laptop pocket, and absolutely love it! I use the carry-on for my business trips, but used all three on our recent trip to Spain.



2. Vitog Travel Bottles Kit, TSA Approved Leak Proof Portable Toiletry Containers Set, Clear PET Flight Size Cosmetic Containers, Set of 11

For years I had a great toiletry bag with different pockets for all my needs, but it took up a lot of room in my suitcase. The Vitog travel kit cuts out the extra padding and simplifies the container sizes for you. Everything is in a clear container that fits nicely into a zipper contained clear plastic bag, so TSA can’t complain about your necessities.

3. HIBAG Compression Packing Bags

Make more space for souvenirs by using these compression bags for your clothes. Eliminating the air between your clothing frees up a ton of space for those Italian boots you just had to have. The unique double zipper design of these HIBAG compression bags means you don’t have to tote along a mini-vacuum. 

4. Voova Travel Jewelry Organizer Case 

I like this softshell storage bag for my jewelry because it folds up flat and keeps all my jewelry organized. Necklaces don’t get in knots, and earrings and rings are kept separate so they don’t knock together. The Voova Organizer can easily be carried in my purse since it’s so compact.


5. 5 Pack Reusable Wine Bottle Protector Sleeve, Leak-proof By LIVEBAY

Protect that fabulous bottle of wine you bought from Rioja or that small grower mezcal bottle from Mexico with these protective leak-proof wine bags by LIVEBAY. You are allowed to bring back up to 5 liters of alcohol (hint: that’s 6 wine bottles!) to the USA from any destination, so be prepared.

Electronic Accessories

6. Anker Portable Charger

Having a portable charger will be lifesaving in so many situations. This portable charger charged my cell phone (after a ton of picture taking) for 4 days before I needed to recharge the unit. It’s easy to carry in your purse with its lightweight and slim design. With your own portable charger, you won’t need tobe tethered to a charging station at the airport.

7. Portable Power Strip with USB Ports

Business travelers know this trick: Always bring a power strip with you because hotel rooms don’t ever seem to have enough plugs for your devices. This power strip comes with USB ports so you can also charge your phone and other devices. This power strip is perfect for the USA, Mexico, Canada, and South America.


9. HIEARCOOL Universal Waterproof Case for Cell Phone

Why cell phones haven’t been made waterproof, I have no idea, but thank goodness someone was smart enough to make this Universal Waterproof case. Whether you are kayaking in Alaska or snorkeling in Jamaica, you can take your phone with you wherever you go up to 100 feet. Don’t miss your opportunity to get photobombed by a curious grouper looking for a handout!


10. Wireless Earbud Bluetooth Headphones

Wired headphones get caught on things all the time. You want to be able to move freely around the airplane, on the subway or on your daily jog. These earphones are cable-free, water and sweatproof, and noise cancelling. You could even swim laps in the resort pool with these on! With the Blue-tooth technology, you can listen to your favorite music or hear a book with Amazon Audible. These headphones can be used anywhere and pack easily in their own rechargable case.


11. BAGSMART Electronics organizer for extra cables

How often are you untangling cables to find the one you really need? It may sound silly to buy a cable organizer, but this little handy package can also store your headphones, small batteries, USB drives and any other small items that tend to get lost with its multple pockets.


12. Energizer LED Flashlight

Do you get up at night to use the bathroom? Do you hate turning on that bright light just to find the toilet paper? Me, too! This little LED flashlight is lightweight and easy to travel with. When it’s time to recharge, just plug it into the wall. This little nightlight is perfect for hotel stays, glamping, and staying with relatives in their quirky homes. It’s also great for any power outages.

Stay Hydrated


13. Lifestraw Water Filter and Collapsible Water Bottle

You never know if the water in a new country will agree with you or not. Having your own Lifestraw Water Filter will reduce your chances of Montezuma’s Revenge, and give you a better chance of having a gastro-distress free vacation. And this reuseable collapsible water bottle won’t take up a lot of room in your bag when empty.

14. Sports Gels

Sports Gels have been life savers for us on long haul flights. These are easy to carry, easy to swallow (even when there are mask mandates) and keep you hydrated and feeling full without the constant need to go to the bathroom on the plane, hike, or long bus trips. Find your favorite flavor and pack them in your carry-on.

Be Comfortable


15. Mini Travel Fan

If you are traveling to hot and humid places where mosquitos rule, you are going to love this mini travel fan. The unique handle allows you to attach it to different places; bed post, hammock, even your suitcase to keep mosquitos from buzzing around your ears. This mini travel fan also comes in handy for parents with kids in strollers.


16. Hi Clasmix Compression Socks

Compression socks are not just for people over 60.Anyone of any age can benefit from compression socks.  I once ran a marathon in DC, and flew out the next day. Man, did I wish I had compression socks then! My legs were cramping horribly. When we flew halfway around the world (twice), we made sure we had compression socks to reduce soreness. These Hi Clasmix compression socks come in various colors and various pressure values.


17. Travel Pillow 

The thing that bothers me about my airplane pillows is that they are so bulky when not in use. There are several versions now that come with pumps, but they still aren’t tall enough to keep your neck in a good position. The Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Travel Pillow is the tallest pillow I’ve seen. With an adjustable drawstring to make it tighter around your neck, plus earplgs and a eye mask, this is the dream travel pillow. It does compact into its own little bag, maybe not as much as we all would like, but getting a good night’s sleep on a red eye is more important.


18. Litume Travel Blanket

Has anyone else noticed that the airlines are getting stingy about handing out blankets? The airline blankets were perfect for traveling because they were lighweight, took up little room in your carry-on, and were warm. The Litume travel blanket is your present day solution to those cold plane flights, warm bedding in hostels, or a blanket by the campfire. And it folds up into its own travel bag.

Travel In Style


19. HappyLuxe Wayfarer Travel Shawl

The best clothes you can bring on your travels are versatile like this HappyLuxe Wayfarer Travel Shawl Wrap. Where it as sweater wrap, scarf, or use it as a blanket on a plane or a campfire. The extra bonus with this wrap has a built in 50+ UPF sunshield and moisture-wicking capabilities. Lightweight, machine washable, and gorgeous, what more could you want?

20. Teva Sandals

I’ve worn Teva sandals for 30 years, ever since I was on the rowing team in college. These shoes are made for the water, hiking on boulders, jumping across creek, or just ever day walking. Even if you won’t be on an adventure trek, it’s easier to put on these sandals then tying sneakers just to walk around a hotel or city. Quick-drying and adjustable, these are a must-have in anyone’s fashion line-up.


21. Camper Shoes

Tom turned me on to Camper Shoes because of their comfort. And he was right. His Camper shoes were more like loafers and sneakers. I bought one-inch heel dress shoes that I absolutely loved to death, literally. I could run across the streets of Madrid in these dress shoes, and walk for miles without any rubbing. Unfortunately, after 8 years, they were no match for the cobblestone street of San Miguel de Allende. I’ll be buying myself a new pair during these Prime Deal Days. You can find Camper shoes on Amazon for both men and women or visit the Camper website and see what deals they may be offering.



21. Crossbody Bag

My favorite daily and travel accessory is my crossbody bag. I like having my hands free and not worryin about the strap falling off my shoulder. Crossbody bags come in different styles for men and women. Wander through markets with your hands free to touch items or to eat gelato without the worry of leaving your bag somewhere. Crossbody bags also are harder for pickpockets to grab’n’dash with, and you can always postion your bag in front of you to discourage thievery.

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