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The Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers love to share their passion of wine with us. It could be a bottle of Rioja Gran Reserva from Spain or an Italian Barolo from their summer road trip through Piedmont. Wine lovers are picky and while they will smile and be happy with any gift, you want to get them something more memorable, maybe even useful. So how do you find the perfect gift that is 1) usable and 2) affordable for a wine lover? We’ve put together a few suggestions that are stylish and functional that can please any wine lover.

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Wine lovers love to “experience” their wines in romantic or natural settings. This could be on a deserted beach, a picnic in the hills, camping with friends or on vacation at a luxury hotel. Wherever they may go, these products are easy to transport and protect that special bottle for that momentous occasion.

Porto Vino Beach Wine Tote

This stylish bag is the perfect girl’s weekend getaway accessory. Inside the bag is an insulated pouch that can hold the equivalent of up to two bottles of wine. The handy spicket on the outside allows you to pour wine with ease. Additional pockets for your other essentials makes this a must have for any savvy wine lover.

Tirrinia 2 Bottle Tote

For a dinner date in town or game night at a friend’s house, the Tirrina 2 bottle tote is the perfect grab-and-go wine bag. This padded bag can hold 2 wine or champagne bottles, and comes with a free corkscrew.

WITIS Breakproof Wine Carrying Bag

This insulated carrying case for two bottles is perfect for visiting friends in town or traveling overseas. The adjustable shoulder strap is removable, and 6 of these cases fit easily into a small carryon luggage. This is a must-have for any serious wine traveler.  

VinGardeValise- All Purpose Wine Travel Suitcase

And for the professionals, we have the ultimate wine travel suitcase! It may be the size of a carryon, but 12 bottles can fit in this sophisticated bag, with plenty of padding (that’s removable) and still be under the 50-pound flying weight limit. 

How Much Wine Can I Take Back Home to the USA?

The Unites States allows you to bring back 5 liters of alcohol without paying duty. One wine bottle is 750ml which means each person can bring in 6 bottles of wine!

Keep Your Wine Cool

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are always the preferred drinking vessel, but are fragile. For camping enthusiasts, beach goers, and people with rambunctious kids and dogs they will appreciate these stainless steel wine glasses that are  practically indestructible.

Corkcicle Air 4-in-1

Red wine is best at room temperature, but white wine is better cold. How do you solve the temperature problem with white wine while you are at the beach? Insert the Corkcicle and within minutes your wine is chilled. The corkcicle is a great product to have at home for a quick chill and for travel as it will keep the wine cold for up to an hour.

Corkcicle Insulated Canteen Water Bottle

Heading to the pool and can’t bring a glass bottle with you? No problem. Corkcicle also has a canteen that can keep wine chilled and is shatterproof.





Wine Glasses

While the stainless steel wine glass option is perfect for travel, at home the wine lover would like something more elegant. Wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes and the bowl of the glass does make a difference. Whether your wine lover prefers white wine or red wine, get them a quality wine glass such as Schott Zweisel Tritan. They are lead free and a little more resistant to breakage.



Older wines will benefit in a decanter. Not only will they aerate faster than in the bottle, you will also be able to see any sediment before pouring it into your wine glass. Decanters come in different shapes and sizes, but we recommend lead-free crystal glass like the Le Chateau Wine Decanter.

Books for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers love to taste the subtle difference between a Cab from Washington state and a Cab from the Bordeaux. But if they want to know more about the terroir, climate, and history behind the wineries, they need to go to the source or read about it. For avid readers, why not sign up for the Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans. Try it for 30 days free.

Here’s a few suggestions for you to help your wine lover wow the rest of their family with their knowledge or just have a coffee table conversation piece:

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition The ultimate reference guide for expert and newbie wine lovers alike, it comes complete with regional maps, food and wine pairings, and an easy to understand classification of wines from different countries. 

One of our favorite servers at Vinaltura winery was really received this from his girlfriend and was so excited to share it with us! Kindle version available.

The third edition of The Wine Bible will be released on October 11, 2022. The other editions were informative and hilariously descriptive. This new edition will feature even more wine regions such as Great Britain, Israel, China, Slovenia and Croatia., and expanded sections on France, South America and the United States. Pre-order the Wine Bible 3rd edition today!

Wine and War: The French, the Nazis and the Battle For France’s Greatest Treasure History buffs will enjoy tales of World War II from the vintner’s point of view. Most stories are focused on the soldiers, but read about the incredible lengths the French winemakers went to to preserve their wine heritage. Available free with an Amazon Audible Trial Membership.

Videos for Wine Lovers

There’s so many fantastic movies and documentaries about wine. Sideways and Bottle Shock are popular movies, but also try some of these other titles with Amazon Prime:

The Wine Products Everyone Needs

Professional Waiter Corkscrew

Yes, your wine lover probably already has a trusty corkscrew or 5, but extra corkscrews that can be kept in luggage, backpacks, glove compartment in the car and the night stand make it easy to flow with the moment. 

The anticipation of the corkscrew pushing its way through the cork and resisting your efforts to be pulled out is a sense of accomplishment. Plus, its the perfect size stocking stuffer.

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover

The color of red wine is glorious, except when it’s not in the glass. Get this stain remover for your clothes, carpet or anything else you may accidently spill red wine on. Buy 2, and give the other one away as a stocking stuffer to your favorite wino.

Buying the Perfect Bottle for the Wine Lover

Support a Local Wine Retailer

If you live in the same town as your wine lover, shop at an independent wine retailer. They will be more knowledgable about wine than the big discount stores like ABC and Total Wine. Support the small business owner who does it for the passion, not the paycheck.


If you live a good distance from your favorite wine lover, try to google wine shops in their town first to see if they can make a local delivery. If not, then check out Wineonsale.com. They sell familar name brands like Caymus and Duckhorn Vineyards, plus top quality champagne and Spanish wines. If you know your wine lover’s favorite wines or regions, Wineonsale.com is an easy website to navigate and shop. They have tons of great gift sets, so check them out. 

Preserve Your Wine With Coravin

Coravin Wine Preservation System– Back in the day when I was a wine rep, I used Coravin for the the wine bottles I brought to different accounts over a few days. Marrying a wine guy though, we tend to finish a bottle the same day we open it. The coravin system does work and preserves the wine for days. If you are a new wine lover, this would be the perfect gift.

Travel For Wine!


Visit a Wine Region in the USA, Canada or Mexico

The ulitmate gift is to take your wine lover on a Wine Getaway to either a new wine region. France, Italy and Spain may be the ultimate wine destinations, but there are plenty of small wine regions close to home.

Almost every state in the USA has vineyards and tasting rooms, so a wine weekend may be a short drive away. Canada also has many fantastic wine regions in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. And don’t forget the other neighbor, Mexico. Valle de Guadalupe may be the most well known Mexican wine region, but 14 states are now producing wine, and the Central Mexico wine region (in the states of Queretaro and Guanajuato) is fast becoming the next great wine region of the world.

Heart of Mexico Wine Tours- English speaking tours led by wine experts around Queretaro and San Miguel de Allende wine regions.

For more information on any of our Central Mexico wine tours or to customize your own tour, contact us directly at [email protected].



The gifts that always bring the most joy are those that embody a person’s passion. Whether its the holidays, a  birthday, anniversary or another reason to celebrate, these gifts will surely delight your wine aficionado.


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