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    Fine Dining at Aperi

    Our favorite restaurant in San Miguel de Allende is Aperi. It’s our monthly splurge for fine dining and creative cuisine. We try to explore new areas and restaurants every time we visit (luckily, we are less than an hour away). We enjoy traditional and regional cuisine in Mexico, but Aperi is the closest restaurant to us that thinks outside the box and explores creativity with the local produce of the region. Aperi is our choice for that “fine dining” restaurant experience. San Miguel de Allende is home to many sister restaurants of big name chefs and the Best City in the World Award from Travel & Leisure for two years…

  • A Little About Us

    About Us

    Welcome to Epicurean Expats! A Little About Us We are not 20-somethings trying to hit 30 countries before we are 30, and we are not retirees with a fixed income and time on our hands. We are a working couple who found a way to live our dream in another country before retirement age. Is it sometimes a struggle? Yes. Has it been worth it? Most definitely yes. We met 11 years ago over wine…Tom owned a wine shop, and Tiffany was a wine rep. She walked in, and that was it! We lived the American Dream for awhile… 70 hour work weeks, limited vacation time, and heaps of debt.…

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