It’s All About Location When Booking an Airbnb

We completely collapsed that night in our Airbnb in Juriquilla, and didn’t notice how beautiful the location was until the morning.

We arrived late last night at the Querétaro airport. Customs was actually very easy, just a small cue line.  The baggage carousel was just six steps away.

We had a little bit of confusion trying to get a larger taxi for our 8 bags, but eventually it all worked out. Most of the taxis are the size of a compact car. We needed a van.

Studio Apartment by Plaza Nautica

We completely collapsed that night in our Airbnb in Juriquilla, and didn’t notice how beautiful it was until the morning. Tom did a great job choosing the location. We rented a studio apartment for two weeks. It had a small kitchen, dining table, living room and large bed. All plates, glasses pots and pans were supplied, and the fridge was almost US size. The bonus was the washer and dryer in its own little laundry room. The gate security guards checked everyone who came into the area. Our only complaint was that the hot water only lasted 5 minutes. It heated up quickly between showers, but our days always began with extremely short showers. Still, if we were vacationing here, it was a perfect location to get anywhere.

Plaza Nautica on the Lake

The apartment overlooked Lago El Cajon, and was just a short walk away from Plaza Nautica. The open air restaurants had spectacular views as well. We had our choice of Mexican, Italian, or Argentinian cuisine, seafood and even sushi.

Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with scrambled eggs, onions and ham, covered in cheese with with a spicy green chili sauce.

Breakfast on the lake is a great way to start the day! Have you ever noticed everything tastes better in the fresh air?

Garlic Shrimp with rice and veggies

We ate at Plaza Nautica many times, and it was easy for the Uber drivers to find us and pick us up for our daily runs out into the world. We really liked the residential location of Juriquilla. We were just 15 minutes from the old part of Querétaro, but far enough out of the city to avoid major traffic. Plus we had plenty of shopping and restaurants to keep us occupied.

Pelican on the lake

A big surprise since we are 600 miles inland, were the pelicans!  Yes, pelicans! More than 40! I could watch them all day, but we had things to do….

Pelicans at sunset

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  1. Your Airbnb upon arrival looks beautiful!! I need to visit Queretaro in early Feb to have a relocation person take me around the city while staying at a Airbnb. I think I’d like a place on the outskirts of downtown therefore need some suggestions from you if possible! Can you also suggest a realtor for renting a house or apartment? As you can tell, I need help! Fingers crossed for a place like your’s.

    1. Hi Dori, I’d like to know what your idea is of “downtown”. Are you thinking the Centro historico or like business district? I can help you connect with realtors in the area. I’ll send you an email.

  2. So many beautiful cities to visit in Mexico! I’m gonna add this to my MX cities list for the future. I see trolleys, chocolates, history, aqueduct…so many points of interest.

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