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Food Truck Haven La Glotoneria

We went to the La Glotoneria the other day with our new American friends that we met at Honda (that story later). The Glotoneria is an enclosed area with a bar, playground, a few artist booths, live band and about a dozen food trucks. This is a great place to hangout with friends, family, and even dogs are welcome.

We met our new friends, Donna and Lyn for some margaritas and food. We had a great time exchanging stories of moving to Mexico. They’ve been here 2 weeks, we’ve been here 6 weeks, and both of us had real estate and driving stories to share.


The food trucks ranged from tacos, Argentinian beef, burgers, pizzas and sushi. Tom and I went to the Taqueria truck and ordered a few tacos.

While we were waiting, a young guy struck up an English conversation with me. The funny thing he asked me is if we had had burgers since we arrived.

I said no, not with all the great tacos, barbacoa and carnitas here. He was surprised by that.

Oh, you like Mexican food? Yes, of course we do!

He recommended a great place to eat at the La Crux Mercado, the big market downtown in the historic area that is half food booths and half produce and meat sellers.  And this is why you should to talk to anybody…


Enjoy the Beatles cover band video below. I think they need a little more practice, but it still was very entertaining!



You can visit Donna’s blog for her adventures by clicking here at https://donnageisler.com/


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