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Christmas Lights and Decorations in San Miguel de Allende


As we get older the presents matter less to us, and the experiences matter more. Our Christmas tree is full of souvenirs from our travels, but there’s always space for more ornaments and lights. If we had unlimited funds for Christmas lights and decorations, I’m sure I could compete against any of the Disney parks!

Our yearly tradition of visiting the Magic Kingdom to see the lights has been put on hold for the time being, but soon to be replaced by new traditions. With the Christmas market in Queretaro and a neighborhood party of posadas and pinatas, our first Christmas in Mexico has been magical in different ways.

But still, I can’t get enough of the holiday festivites. Every year we would search out the best holiday decorated streets, and either walk or drive through the neighborhoods. And as beautiful as Queretaro’s plazas are, I want to see as much as possible. So we booked a night in San Miguel de Allende to solely to see the Christmas lights and decorations. Enjoy the video below and Happy Holidays!








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