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    Where to Swim With Whale Sharks

    I’m on a boat bobbing up in down in the blue expanse of the Caribbean Sea. A sucking sound off the starboard side, like water draining in a bathtub catches my attention. The speckled blob of a whale shark moves past the boat slowly, mouth open wide. Another one approaches, and I swing my legs over the side and jump in. Moving clumsily through the water, the beast to my right glides smoothly past, ignoring my feeble efforts to keep up. As it moves off into the deep blue, another approaches, and I turn to admire the star-like pattern down the length of its body. Luckily, these creatures have no…

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    11 Reasons to Visit Xel-Ha in the Yucatan

    The natural beauty of the Riviera Maya region of Mexico is unrivaled. White sandy beaches and crystal blue water are what you see above the surface, and the world’s second largest coral reef offers some of the best diving in the world below. Colorful birds, howling monkeys and other creatures make their home in the surrounding jungle. So with all this natural beauty, why should you visit the natural theme park Xel-Ha? Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means we will receive a small commission when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Why Visit Xel-Ha? Xel-Ha is one element of Experiencas Xcaret,…

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    Tulum, A Pueblo Magico on the Yucatan

    Did you know that Tulum is the only Mayan civilization site built on the edge of the sea? A trip to Tulum is a must if you’re visiting the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Tulum is part of the Mayan culture and had its heyday between the 13th and 15th centuries. Today with its preserved frescos and spectacular views, it’s a major tourist attraction and a designated Pueblo Magico. These popular ruins can best be enjoyed with the storytelling elements of a guide. Ernie, our guide, brought these old buildings to life by entertaining us with historical facts, Mayan culture and modern day revelations. Entering Tulum Through the Wall…

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    Road Trip Around Cozumel

    Tom and I prefer to set our own path and discover places in our own way. I had my heart set on exploring the entire island of Cozumel (or at least what’s been paved), so we boarded the ferry from the mainland, landed in San Miguel, the major town of Cozumel, and headed to the car rental place for our own island adventure.   We rented a compact car for the afternoon drive. Compact is exactly what we got. No power steering, power windows, power locks… No power at all. Tom had to drive because I couldn’t turn the wheel. Not that I complained. It means I get to look…

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